ETH-Empa Atmospheric Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel

Foto: Monika Estermann

The closed circuit atmospheric boundary layer wind tunnel facility of 26 m length and 4 m height has a test section of 1.9 m width and 1.3 m height, and a speed range of 0.5 – 25 m/sec.
The ETH-Empa wind tunnel is equipped with a powerful laser-based time-resolved stereoscopic particle imaging velocimetry (PIV) system, allowing also for automated particle size determination and particle tracking.
With the system velocity fields can be non-intrusively measured at time resolutions up to 4 kHz. This allows studying instantaneous turbulent flow structures in boundary layers.
In cooperation with a leading PIV company, new techniques for large-scale time-resolved tomographic PIV are currently being developed.

Technical Data Sheet (pdf)

For futher information please contact: Jonas Allegrini, Laboratory for Multiscale Studies in Building Physics, Empa - Dübendorf


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