Danhong Wang room HIL E 47.2
PhD Student



Danhong Wang worked as a research assistant in the group on the topic of dynamic building demand modelling at urban scales. In February 2016, she became a phd candidate in the group in the research topic about renewable powered district heating networks. She holds a Master of Science degree in Energy Science and Technology from ETH Zurich. Her master thesis was focusing on investigating anti-ice and heat transfer performance of superhydrophobic materials in the application for thermal electric energy storage in coorporation with ABB Switzerland. She started her bachelor study in Energy and Power Engineering from Xi’an Jiaotong Univeristy in China and continued her study joining Politecnic University of Turin in Italy.



Conference proceedings

Wang, D., Orehounig, K., Carmeliet, J. (2016) "Dynamic building energy demand modelling at urban scale for the case of Switzerland''. In: 12th RHEVA World Congress, CLIMA 2016, Aalbourg, Denmark, May 23rd – 25th 2016.

Wang, D.,Landolt.J, Orehounig, K., Carmeliet, J. (2016) "Dynamic urban energy demand modelling to address building retrofitting alternatives in Switzerland''. In: Status-Seminar 2016, ETH-Zürich, Switzerland, 8. / 9. September 2016.

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