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Ahmad Rafsanjani received his degree in Mechanical Engineering from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (Iran) in 2006. He got his Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Iran University of Science and Technology in 2009. In his master research project, he focused on development of analytical methods for 3D vibration analysis of functionally graded (FGM) structures under moving loads using linear theory of elasticity. He joined EMPA in December 2009 and began his doctorate study at ETH Zurich. The topic of his PhD study is "Multiscale poroelastic model: bridging the gap from cellular to macroscopic scale" which will focus on computational modeling of mechanical and moisture related behavior of cellular porous solids, i. e. softwoods. This project is part of SNF Sinergia Project on "Multiscale analysis of coupled mechanical and moisture behavior of wood".


PhD: Multiscale poroelastic model: bridging the gap from cellular to macroscopic scale

Wood is a natural resource of Switzerland, with significant applications in material production, building construction and civil engineering. In use, wood is mainly jointly subjected to mechanical and moisture loads and inappropriate loading of wood can result in mechanical damage and biodegradation. Thus, better knowledge of the hygro-mechanical behavior of wood is the fundament of the better design of new, durable structures and longer lives of existing ones. In addition, the understanding of cellular materials opens the door to the development of new materials.

Hierarchical structure of wood at macro-, micro- and nanoscales

Many natural materials show a hierarchical structure which impacts their mechanical behavior. In addition, the hygro-expansion properties of wood due to wetting (swelling) or drying (shrinkage) is highly influenced by the hierarchical structure of the material. The main aim in this project is to increase the insight into the material behavior from cellular and sub-cell level to macroscopic scale considering the moisture-mechanical coupling. The challenge remains however to find suitable homogenization techniques and relevant boundary conditions at each scale which give a physical explanation of the coupled mechanical and moisture behavior such as swelling anisotropy and hysteresis.

Wood cells (left) and corresponding representative volume element (right)




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