Martin Martin room HIL E 47.2
PhD Student tel +41 58 765 65 54



Martin completed his BSc (Hons) in Meteorology and Oceanography in the University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK, where he studied Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, Theoretical Meteorology, and Environmental Modelling. He won a full-studentship to pursue an MPhil in Scientific Computing, Laboratory Scientific Computing (LSC), Cavendish Laboratory, where he studied Computational Fluid Dynamics and Numerical Methods. In the group, his work focused on high resolution solvers for Riemann problems. Towards the end of the MPhil, he became very interested in Theoretical Chemistry and decided to work on diesel aftertreatment system (surface catalyst and particulate filter) in collaboration with the Computational Modelling group in Chemical Engineering for his dissertation.

Furthermore, he has developed interests in Machine Learning Algorithms, such as the Relevance Vector Machine and new techniques for fast and accurate fluid simulation, such as The Level Set Method. He is interested in fast and efficient algorithms.


May 2013 - Research Scientist and PhD at the Chair of Building Physics, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Dec 2012 - April 2013 Research Scientist at Edinburgh Interferometry Project, School of Geosciences and Teaching Assistant at the School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Edinburgh, Scotland
Oct 2012 - Nov 2012 Programmer at CoMo (Computational Modelling) Group, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Cambridge, UK
Sep 2011 - Sep 2012 MPhil in Scientific Computing, Cavendish Laboratory, Department of Physics, University of Cambridge, UK
Jul 2011 - Sep 2011 Trainee in Laboratory of Scientific Computing, Department of Physics, University of Cambridge, UK
Jul 2011 - Sep 2011 Laboratory Data-Analyst, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK
May 2011 - Jul 2011 FUGRO_GEOS Undergraduate Student Internship Award, Wallingford, UK
Sep 2008 - Jun 2011 BSc (Hons) in Meteorology and Oceanography, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK
Sep 2007 - Jun 2008 INTO International Science Foundation, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK
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