Dr Ralph Evins room Empa Dubendorf BA 300.1
Deputy Lab Head (Empa) / Lecturer (ETH) tel +41 58 765 65 11
  email ralph.evins at

Ralph is Deputy Head of the Urban Energy Systems Laboratory at Empa, and a Lecturer at the Chair of Building Physics, ETH.


Ralph’s research interests include:

  • Low-carbon building design (building physics, passive design, renewable technologies)
  • Energy considerations in the urban realm (energy hub modelling, urban configurations, microclimate)
  • Computational simulation (energy demand, multi-energy grids, CFD)
  • Computational optimisation (multi-objective genetic algorithms, mixed-integer linear programming).

The following posters give an overview of some of his current research activities:

He is in charge of the SECURE project and a task leader in the SCCER project as well as contributing to the IDEAS4Cities project and the UMEM project.

In March 2014 he organised and chaired the Computational Optimisation of Low-Energy Buildings workshop at ETH.


He is the daily supervisor of the following people:


Ralph teaches mainly on the new Master in Building Systems course at ETH Zürich.

Past roles

Dec 2012 - Aug 2014 CoFund post-doctoral fellow at the Laboratory of Building Science and Technology, Empa.
Also affiliated with the Chair of Building Physics, ETH Zürich.
Oct 2008 - Nov 2012 Engineering Doctorate with University of Bristol, UK and Buro Happold, London, UK.
Title: Multi-objective optimisation as an aid to design space exploration for low-carbon buildings
Oct 2003 - June 2007 MEng in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Imperial College London, UK.

For more details see LinkedIn.

Recent publications

See GoogleScholar.

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