COLEB workshop

Computational Optimisation of Low-Energy Buildings

6 & 7 March 2014, ETH Zurich

These proceedings collate the contributions presented at a two-day workshop covering the application of computational optimisation to low-energy buildings, including algorithmic approaches, multiple objectives, building design and operational control.

The workshop was kindly supported by the Chair of Building Physics at ETH Zürich and the Swiss Competence Centre - Energy and Mobility project Integration of Decentralized Energy Adaptive Systems for cities.

Ralph Evins, Viktor Dorer & Jan Carmeliet



Entire proceedings as a single file

Presentation Introduction: Transformation of communities into decentralized energy systems using energy hubs and multi-energy grids
Jan Carmeliet

Paper Presentation Considerations regarding optimization of dynamic facades for improved energy performance and visual comfort
R.C.G.M. Loonen and J.L.M. Hensen

Paper Presentation The route to an ideal adaptive glazing facade
Fabio Favoino, Qian Jin, and Mauro Overend

Paper Presentation Exploratory computational tools for holistic building design and optimisation
James Ramsden, Paul Shepherd, Shrikant Sharma, Andy Shea and Simon Wright

Paper Presentation Optimal design and control of technical building systems
Young-Jin Kim, Deuk-Woo Kim, Won-Jun Suh, Cheol-Soo Park

Paper Presentation Interactions between different levels of the building system to be optimised
Ralph Evins

Paper Presentation The model-based optimization of buildings - an optimization workflow and reflection on the state-of-the-art
Jonathan Wright

Paper Presentation Modeling, identification and control of building thermal systems
David Sturzenegger, Manfred Morari, and Roy S. Smith

Paper Presentation Simultaneous optimal design and control of future building energy systems under various pricing systems and governmental directives
Araz Ashouri and Michael J. Benz

Paper Presentation A tool chain for constructing reduced order building models using modelica
Filip Jorissen, Roel De Coninck and Lieve Helsen

Paper Presentation Benchmark and competition for climate control algorithms of office buildings
Damien Picard, Filip Jorissen and Lieve Helsen

Paper Presentation Lessons learned from modelling and control of hybrid GCHP systems for energy use minimization
Ercan Atam, Stefan Antonov and Lieve Helsen

Paper Presentation Combining simulation and optimisation for maximum building performance
Kai Siren, Mohamed Hamdy, Ala Hasan and Matti Palonen

Paper Presentation Pareto optimization and aggregation: a new approach to integrate optimization with user criteria in BPS
Christina J Hopfe, Michael T.M. Emmerich, and Jonathan A. Wright

Paper Presentation Multi-objective optimisation to simultaneously address energy hub sizing and scheduling using a linear formulation
Georgios Mavromatidis, Ralph Evins, Kristina Orehounig, Viktor Dorer, and Jan Carmeliet

Paper Presentation Implementations of the Multi-Objective Building Performance Optimization Software MOBO
Ala Hasan and Matti Palonen

Paper Presentation District-scale energy optimization
Ruchi Choudhary

Paper Presentation Optimized renewable energy integration at neighborhood scale
Kristina Orehounig, Georgios Mavromatidis, Ralph Evins, Viktor Dorer, and Jan Carmeliet

Paper Presentation District heating and cooling with low temperature networks - sketch of an optimization problem
Florian Ruesch and Ralph Evins

Paper Presentation Optimisation methods for the design of integrated urban energy systems
François Marechal

Paper Presentation Proposition on how to integrate technical uncertainties into the design of district energy systems
Jakob Rager and François Marechal

Paper Presentation Optimal design of HVAC systems as part of the future energy system
Dieter Patteeuw and Lieve Helsen

Paper Presentation Exploring the potential of buildings in Switzerland ancillary service market
E. Vrettos, X. Zhang, F. Oldewurtel, M. Kamgarpour, J. Lygeros and G. Andersson

Paper Presentation Population of thermostatically controlled loads for the Swiss ancillary service market
M. Kamgarpour, E. Vrettos, G. Andersson and J. Lygeros

Paper Presentation Advanced control for energy efficient buildings: challenges and opportunities
Francesco Borrelli, Yudong Ma, Tony Kelman and Allan Daly

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