Time-resolved scalar transport in streets, squares and courtyards

Abstract: Traffic is one of the major anthropogenic sources of pollution at street level. If the pollutants are not transported out of the street network by the wind, they can have a detrimental impact on the health of the people residing in the urban space. In this research project, we want to assess which fraction of the pollutants can effectively be removed.

Description: In a previous master study (spring 2010), the scalar removal potential of an idealized urban network was determined. The study revealed optimal street orientations and building configurations. The scalar removal potential defines how much scalars can potentially be removed from the urban network. Now, we want to know how many scalars will effectively be removed. To that extent, time-resolved simulations of combined flow and scalar transport are conducted by means of the open source software OpenFOAM. The results are critically analysed and a generalized methodology for assessing the removal efficiency is proposed.

Tasks: Literature survey; getting familiar with OpenFOAM; selection and evaluation of cases; formulation of a general methodology to assess the removal efficiency.

Type: Bachelor, Semester or Master thesis

Internal supervisor: Peter Moonen

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