Experimental determination of mechanical properties of wood in function of moisture content using digital image correlation

Abstract: Wood is a biological building material that interacts with moisture. Mechanical properties of wood are dependent on moisture content. This project aims at providing a complete set of mechanical data using compression and shear tests on wood at different moisture content.

Description: A consistent dataset on the relationships of Young modulus, shear modulus and moisture content for spruce wood is required as a necessary input in an advanced model. The tests will be performed using state-of-the-art equipment at Empa, Dübendorf. We want mainly to document the elastic constants. The tests will consist in the following tasks. Spruce samples will be cut, dimensioned, their density measured and then dried. Samples will be conditioned at different relative humidity to lead a complete range of equilibrium moisture content. Using a mechanical loading apparatus, samples will be loaded in compression and in shear. Under load, the material undergoes deformation. This deformation is recorded using digital image correlation. Digital image correlation is a novel technique for contactless measurement of 3D deformation fields. Some samples will also receive strain gages that need to be calibrated and installed.

Tasks: Sample preparation; Sensor calibration; Running tests on state-of-the-art equipment; Digital Image Correlation.

Type: Bachelor, Semester or Master Thesis

Internal supervisor: Martin Dressler

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