Design of a force balance for measurements of drag force generated by trees in the wind tunnel

Abstract: Mean wind speed near ground is affected by obstacles such as trees due to the drag force generated by the roughness elements (leaves) within them, therefore it is important to be able to measure and quantify this force. The proposed research project aims at design and construction of a force balance to measure such a drag force generated by artificial trees for incorporation in an atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) wind tunnel.

Description: Air flow near ground is significantly affected by surface obstacle such as trees. The leaves and branches of trees act as small roughnesses which result in lower wind speed within and in the wake of the tree compared to the surrounding open ground. This lower wind speed is due to a drag force generated by the tree elements.

Mean wind speed is an important factor for understanding phenomena such as pollutant and scalar transport, momentum and energy exchange, etc. In order to understand the effect of the tree on the mean wind speed, it is important to know the generated drag force by the tree. For this purpose, a force balance needs to be designed and constructed for incorporation in the atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) wind tunnel located at EMPA, Duebendorf, which aim is to measure drag force generated by small artificial trees.

Tasks: Literature survey; getting familiar with ABL wind tunnel; design, construction, and testing the force balance

Type: Bachelor, Semester or Master thesis

Internal supervisor: Saba Saneinejad

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