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Marc Hohmann received a BSC and a M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne in 2011, 2014 respectively. During his studies, he focused on the integration of renewable energy systems and on the optimization and simulation of power systems. He started his PhD at the ETH Zurich (Chair of Building Physics, Automatic Control Laboratory) and at EMPA (Urban Energy Systems Laboratory) in October 2014.


PhD focus: Local energy management systems for multi-carrier networks

Distributed energy systems require active control strategies in order to balance multiple energy streams and to ensure a reliable, economic and environmentally friendly operation. Multi-carrier energy systems offer additional degrees of freedoms compared to single carrier operational schemes managing only electricity, gas or heat. The objective is to increase energy efficiency, decrease carbon emissions and handle the uncertainty and intermittency of renewable energy sources. Active control strategies are therefore crucial to the transformation of energy systems, a central element of climate change mitigation measures. The objective of this work is to develop improved central local energy management systems for urban districts. These must be able to include non-convex characteristics of energy conversion processes, decision-making for short- and long-term storage and avoid suboptimal results due to the self-interest of the energy system's agents. Using mixed-integer linear pro-gramming, energy conversion processes can be modeled with high accuracy. Aggregation methods can reduce the computation load when making long-term decisions. Mechanism design can ensure that optimal operation modes are achieved in complex systems. A prototype controller is implemented and tested on the NEST platform, located at Empa in Dübendorf, Switzerland. Distributed controller architectures are compared to the central con-trol scheme proposed by this work.



Conference proceedings

Hohmann, M., Waibel, C., Evins, R., Carmeliet, J. (2015) Multi-objective optimization of the design and operation of an energy hub for the Empa campus. In: Proceedings of International Conference CISBAT 2015 “Future Buildings and Districts – Sustainability from Nano to Urban Scale”, p. 591-596 Lausanne: LESO-PB, EPFL, 2015. DOI

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